Two portraits in one.

Portrait Viktor Schimpf


is my current documentary project, which I co-produce with director Annelie Boros and Kinescope Film. It’s about the idea that care should be at the heart of our politics, economy and society – portraing various people who care for each other, confronting our system with it’s total lack of care.



Haben wir das Ertrinken überlebt?
(2023/2024, D: Raaed Al Kour)
Die zärtliche Revolution (2023/2024, D: Annelie Boros, P: Kinescope Film, V. Schimpf)
Yoyos (2023/2024, D: Elisabeth Wilke, P: Viktor Schimpf Filmproduktion)

Machines of Loving Grace (2022, 25 min, Fiction, as Director & Producer)

Fungi Monster (2022, 30min, Documentary, D: Trang Vo & Nadja Issler, P: Boros & Schimpf)

My Heimat. My Holocaust (2020, 3x 10-15min, Documentary, as Editor, P: Cameo Kollektiv)

Now I Am Dead (2019, Documentary, 20min, as Editor, D: I. Bredenbröker & P. Bergmann)

Donzelle (2018, 20min, Documentary, as Editor, D: Marina Hufnagel)

Kreatura (2017, 60 min, Fiction-Documentary-Hybrid, as Director & Producer)

24h Bayern (2017, 1440 min, TV-Documentary, as Co-Director, D: Volker Heise)

Sharepool (2016, 90min, Opera, as Video Producer, D: Breakout Ensemble)

Utopie der Unterschiede (2015, 24 min, Documentary, Co-Direction with Annika Sehn)
Interviews Helge Schneider, Alejandro Jodorowsky, Daniel Hoesl (2013, as Director)
Rausch und Romantik (2013, 15 min, Documentary, as Director)
Ordem E Progresso (2011, 35min, Fiction, as Cinematographer, D: Walter Lehmann)

Augusts Glück (2010, 10min, as Cinematographer, D: Jannis Lenz)
(2010, 10min, as Cinematographer, D: Jannis Lenz)


I’m open to talk about almost everything.